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business intelligence reporting erp software
Business Intelligence

We have integrated business intelligence reports for you to keep track of your business performance. You no longer need to hire a specialist to help you create or understand your statistics. Everything you need is in Smart ERP!

With ERP Software Suite you will convert your data into useful information for making your decisions. Information in real time, structured and shared with your organization. Do not repeat more meetings for having information from unreliable or outdated sources, share the same real, and updated information with the organization. You will save time, you will gain margins and business profits, and you will improve your efficiency.

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Customer Relationship Management

ERP Software Suites comes with flexible CRM system that helps you to retain your customers and increase your market share, at the same time that you optimize and automate your business processes in an integrated way with the rest of the company information.

ERP Software Suite for managing your relationships with your customers (CRM) will allow you to coordinate the departments that interact with your customers. You will be able to treat each client with their preferences and gain in business efficiency, optimizing margins and profits, as well as improving the treatment of your clients.

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customer relationship management crm software
sales management erp software
Sales Management

In order to easily manage the entire sales process, ERP Software Suite provides users with highly integrated sales control.

ERP Software Suite integrates a complete sales management, compatible with the specificities of the industrial world: monitoring of customer relations and business opportunities, creation of technical proposals and estimates, and invoices, follow-up of customer payments.

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Purchase Management

With the ERP Software Suite, manage your purchasing strategy efficiently. Automate your entire purchasing and procurement process and optimize your management.

From vendor management to quotations management, including purchase requests and purchase orders: everything is integrated into the Purchasing Management module of our software.

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purchase management software
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How does our ERP Software help you?
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Improve the customer experience

Make your customer loyal with personalized communications, dedicated customer panel, online payment option and view payment history.

Automate tasks to optimize time

Reduces workload and man-hours cost, customizable and friendly records, automatic business reports and graphs.

Increase revenue and boost productivity

Optimize the management of your business, reduce costs, increase revenue and improve decision making.

inventory management software
Inventory Management

Optimize your inventory management with ERP Software Suite: items management, commodity and sku codes, receiving and delivery voucher, loss & adjustment, management and delivery notes.

An innovative and simplified inventory management solution for businesses. Detailed reports to help you control and optimize your stocks: Inventory valuation by date, Inventory analysic. Controlling and optimizing the stock has never been easier.

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Warehouse Management

Control the movement of your inventory with warehouse management from ERP Software Suite - Gain visibility, increase productivity and efficiency, and achieve accuracy.

ERP Software Suite's advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) functions simplify your warehouse management. The solution aims to increase productivity while reducing errors and costs at the same time with a significant reduction in order ordering times .

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warehouse management software
billing management software
Billing Management

No more hassle of billing, boost your business without wasting time! Whether for a new prospect or a recurring customer, a few clicks are all it takes to create the invoice and send it to your customer. Easily manage the credit notes & subscriptions.

Thanks to our tracking technology, you know when your prospect has opened the invoice: ideal for relaunching it at the right time and thus ensuring a good follow-up of your commercial activity.

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Expenses Management

Everything you need to manage your expenses end-to-end. Our comprehensive, integrated expense management solution allow you to control, optimize, improve and integrate all aspects of your expense management process.

From payment records to organization of professional expenses according to category and customer, we automate time-consuming tasks. This gives your teams more time to focus on the essentials.

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expenses management software
hr management software
Human Resource Management

Forget Excel to manage your human resources! Automate your tasks and enter the digital age with an intuitive human resources management module.

Take advantage of the many features offered by ERP Software Suite HR module such as hr records, job posting, org Chart, onboarding, training, contracts etc. Our HR management software automates many tasks and centralizes the data necessary for good human resources management.

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Project Management

Efficient, comprehensive and quick to master, our project management module has been designed to meet the needs of businesses, as well as their teams. Our adaptable solution allows an intuitive and user-friendly handling. Plan your projects from A to Z and have all stakeholders collaborate internally and externally.

Start each project in an organized, precise manner, with all team members on the same page. Save valuable time and stay focused on pre-established project goals . Result: projects are completed, on time and beyond established requirements.

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project management software
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Here Are Some More Reasons Why You Should Consider Our ERP Software For Your Business

Task Management

Organize your tasks with precision. Record all your work tasks in one place. Our task management module centralizes all the information related to the tasks in order to gain speed, efficiency and serenity, wherever you are! It is the essential tool to manage workflow and increase the collective productivity. With this collaborative module, it is possible to assign tasks including deadlines and priorities.

Time Tracking Management

The timesheet system makes it possible to manage the working hours of each member of the team. Start the stopwatch to properly calculate the time spent on a task, follow the hours worked during the task, analyze the timesheets of team members. ERP Software Suite time management tool helps increase productivity and efficiency on a daily basis.

Customer Support Management Software
Customer Support Management

A happy customer is a loyal customer. With the customer support module of the ERP Software Suite, you will better meet your customers' expectations for increased satisfaction.

You can create customer tickets quickly and with just a few clicks. Assign them to members of your team or take charge of them yourself. Each ticket can be linked to a customer, a contact or a lead, and you can link it to a current project.

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User Management

Manage all your users information in a single tool. Find all the information and documents related to a users in just one click: phone, email, address, documents, everything is in your database. This is useful for better communicating with them.

Managing your users becomes simple and intuitive with ERP Software Suite. Whether you have a few users or a multitude, our tool is perfectly suited to your business reality and allows you to gain efficiency.

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user management system
Online Payment
Online Payments Management

ERP Software Suite provides you with a perfect way to collect online payments from customers. Integrated with payment platforms allows you to accept payment online.

  • Easy to activate the available payment platform
  • Available Payment Gateways: Paypal, Stripe, PayU Money, Braintree, 2Checkout, Instamojo, Mollie and Authorize.net
  • Customers can pay the invoices in a few click through customer portal
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Roles & Permissions Management

ERP Software Suite allows you to specify a set of rights on the software that each user or each group of users has. User rights management is implemented to strengthen the security and confidentiality of a company's data.

Each user has access to information according to his profile and functions, limiting or expanding the data made available to him.

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