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Best ERP Addons

ERP Add-ons expand ERP Software Suite by adding depth or breadth to the base ERP Software product. Find information about available add-ons to create the Best ERP Software solution for your business.

erp software addons
Smart Add-ons to help you work smarter

Find Out available add-ons to create the best solution for your business

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Manage your accounting even without any accounting knowledge. With Chart of Accounts, Journal Entry, Reconcile, Balance Sheet and accessible to everyone.

Timesheets and Leave Management

With the time management module, you can manage: employee time tracking, project time tracking, leave management and shift planning.


Manage your recruitment strategy by fully mastering all the key processes thanks to our recruitment management module.

HR Payroll

Simplify your administrative procedures and save time on a daily basis by Automate your payroll management and digitize your HR processes.

Omni Channel Sales

Omni Channel Module offers a complete solution to sell your product on client portal, point of sale and woocommerce store.


The chat window that will take you to the heart of your customers and users. It help your business gain and retain customers.


Set yourself apart from your competition with a strong webmail client. Handle all email functions from a erp interface.


Telephony module allow you to easily manage your call and text to customers using twilio api.


With Appointment module you have an effective planning solution to optimize the management of appointment booking and ensure optimal follow-up of all your customers.

Landing Page builder

With our advanced editor, you can, without any technical knowledge, design responsive landing pages to convert your prospects into customers.


Rest API allows you to interact between ERP and third-party applications. The possibilities of integration are endless and depend only on your imagination.

Sales Commission Program

Stop working in spreadsheets. Eliminate the hassles of sales commission calculations. Sales commission management module allows businesses to easily and quickly calculate sales commissions.

Project Roadmap

Project road map module offers a realistic, logical and structured advanced reporting of a project. Track and manage the progress of projects & tasks.

Custom SMS & Email

Improve your customer service with Custom SMs & Email module. It allows you to send custom sms and email to customers.

Staff Workload

A better way to manage your team's workload. Take the pulse of your team and monitor their workload. Collaborate, communicate and rebalance tasks as needed.

Facebook Leads

Facebook Leads module allows you to auto sync between your Facebook Leads and ERP Software Suite Leads.


Spreadsheet module offers an interface similar to that of Excel, to easily create and modify spreadsheets via an interactive editor.

Account Planning

With the account planning management module, you can create a plan: Due Diligence / Team Information / Service Ability Offering and Project Planning.

File Sharing

File Sharing module makes it easy for you to exchange multiple files with your team members, clients and partners.

OKRs - Objectives and Key Results

OKR module that helps you execute your strategy. Focus on Goals. Measure your Progress. Achieve Results.

Customer Loyalty and Memberships

It allows you to build the loyalty program that suits you best, depending on your sector, your positioning and your objectives.

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