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ERP Software Suite is a very good product, which in many respects provides much more than what can be expected from an erp system, with the quality and details that make it far superior to systems of the same nature ... It constitutes an important tool in the management of our administrative, financial, accounting and tax processes, as it contains a friendly graphic environment, a logical sequence of operations, the flexibility of a highly parameterizable system, which also allows easily adapt to changes in the normative order or to new ways of interpreting information.


With the implementation of the ERP Software Suite business management system, we have been able to experience agility in processes such as: efficiency in receipt, registration and payment of invoices, with their agile accounting and consultation; diversity of reports; reduction of times and optimization of resources; personalized attention and good advice.


When we decided to change our platform we looked at many options, finally deciding on ERP software Suite thanks to its support and its knowledge in software development, since we had specific processes that we had to model in the ERP software. (Enterprise Resource Planning)… Today, thanks to ERP Software Suite, we have more than doubled the logistics efficiency of our company, reducing our dispatch time for spare parts and products to less than a third of what it took before implementing it… I think that with this software both our internal and external clients are interconnected, being able to access critical information in real time and via the web for the daily operation of the company.

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