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ERP Software Suite is the Best ERP Software for Small Business and SMEs. Increase the operational efficiency of your business and reinforce what makes you special. Manage your business processes from anywhere with Smart ERP Software.

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Find Out What ERP Software Suite Can Do For Your Business

Business Intelligence

Get the information you need in a fast, accurate and integrated way. It provides intuitive and visual answer to complex business questions.

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Comprehensively manage the relationship with your customers, optimize the management of your business opportunities.

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Sales Management

Never miss a business opportunity again. Follow up with prospects easily. Assign prospect to the salesperson and set goals.

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Purchase Management

Save time by managing your purchases and suppliers in just a few clicks. Smartly manage the entire purchasing cycle.

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Inventory Management

Perform simple and accurate inventory counts that help protect your investment with updated value information in real time.

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Billing Management

Simplify your invoicing, manage your estimates, get paid online easily and track your payments to increase your turnover.

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HR Management

Comprehensively manage the human resources of your company. Improve the work environment and the satisfaction of your employees.

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Project Management

Project management is the solution that will allow you to coordinate and execute your projects. Save time and optimize your performance.

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Customer Support Management

Increase the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers, improve the quality of service and control service costs.

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Smart Add-ons to help you work smarter

Add-ons expand ERP Software Suite by adding depth or breadth to the base Smart ERP Software product. Find information about available add-ons to create the Best ERP Software solution for your business.

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The most complete ERP software for SMEs

Our ERP Software integrates all the fully functional modules with which you can manage the different areas of your business. Smart ERP Software helps you achieve operational excellence in your business processes. In addition, it allows you to maintain continuous improvement in your management, since it can be easily adjusted to optimize your processes on a day-to-day basis.

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ERP System is the web based software for SMEs that want to manage their business processes from anywhere. Thanks to our Smart ERP, the operations and control of your company do not have to reside only in the office. You can manage your business 24x7x365 through any laptop, tablet or smartphone with internet access.

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If you are looking for a solution to improve the quality of administration and the management of your business, and take part in the digital revolution. Look no further than our Smart ERP Software.

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Operational Excellence

The automation of processes and access to information in real time facilitate greater communication and collaboration between people and departments of the company. In this way, the company can continually improve the way it creates and delivers its value to its customers.

Data Integration

An Smart ERP Software avoids duplication of data between different systems and functions of the company. These systems reduce the risks of inaccuracies, eliminate time spent on bug reviews, and the ongoing reconciliation of business operational information.

Cost Reduction

ERP systems reduce operating costs and increase the efficiency of the organization, for example, through savings in inventory, production or purchasing costs. Also, companies that purchase an ERP management system can reduce operational costs in administrative tasks.

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What Makes ERP Software Suite The Best ERP Software
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Reduce manual tasks and gain agility in your business cycles by automating the processes.


The most flexible ERP software that helps you build customer loyalty and increase your market share.


Get the information you need in a fast and integrated way thanks to Smart ERP Software.


Improve the time intervals between your operations. Streamline your processes.

business intelligence reports


Business Intelligence Reporting
More Reasons To Choose Us
Control your business performance in real time

We have integrated business intelligence reports for you to keep track of your business performance. You no longer need to hire a specialist to help you create or understand your statistics. Everything you need is in Smart ERP!

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Frequently asked questions

ERP stands for "Enterprise Resource Planning" and refers to a type of software or system used by a business to plan and manage daily activities such as services, financials and other processes. Enterprise Resource Planning software can be used to automate and simplify individual activities across a business or organization, such as accounting and procurement, project management, customer relationship management, sales management, hrm, and inventory operations.

A complete suite of ERP applications forms an ERP Software Suite that can be used to effectively communicate and bring together business processes to enable a flow of data between the applications, typically through common databases.

ERP Software Suite connect every aspect of an enterprise. An Best ERP Software system allows for better performance and project management that helps plan, budget, predict and accurately report on an organization’s financial health and processes.

When a business is growing, even small improvements in efficiency have the potential to make a big difference. For small and medium-sized businesses, this is particularly relevant. In fact, the momentum generated by improved efficiency can lead them to the top of their industry, while competition stagnates.

It helps you manage data more effectively, maintain confidentiality, make adjustments flexibly, improve work productivity, increase sales, and make effective decisions at the right time. It also helps in long-term planning.

Some of the main benefits of an smart ERP system for SMEs are the following:

Integrate the flow of information. ERP System helps integrate the flow of information between different business processes, while synchronizing ongoing operations with the company's financial system in real time. In this way, visibility is gained on key processes from sales order entry, product prices, shipping / delivery, inventory and warehouse, production and acquisitions, to invoicing and finances, among others. This allows management to see the financial implications of ongoing operations when necessary.

Improve planning. Smart ERP system helps maintain consistency in policies and processes throughout the organization, improving customer services and profitability. An example of this is that, in the case of manual control, the budget is released, however, it is not reviewed whether or not the receipt confirmation is generated, something that does not happen with the software, where automation avoids errors or gaps in planning.

It makes it easy to maintain control and reduce operating costs . Increased transaction volume and rigorous use of spreadsheets can lead to a lack of control over data, as well as operational bottlenecks. Entering data into spreadsheets can also cause errors, leakage of confidential information, and unnecessary chaos . Best ERP Software for SMBs makes it possible to overcome these setbacks, even in companies with heterogeneous processes and a growing volume of transactions. Today, with the increasing complexity of functions such as human resources and in times of revenue growth, the lack of proper integrated business software can have a negative impact on the business. The end result can be an impact in the form of lost orders, inventory shortages and poor planning, lost billing, lost shipments, and therefore lack of control. Did you know that real-time data can reduce an organization's operating expenses by up to 23%?

Improve productivity. Key information from all departments is available on a single platform. With an Best ERP Software for SMEs, it is no longer necessary to contact employees from different areas and / or use spreadsheets to collect dates or confirm data. This helps maintain consistency in work processes, saves time and improves productivity.

Provides agility and flexibility. One of the greatest advantages of ERP software for SMEs is the agility and flexibility to adapt to the needs of the market or the conditions imposed by the buyers . On the one hand, necessary adjustments can be made in data management to maintain business flexibility. For example, stock adjustments, changes in sales figures, cancellation of orders, etc. they can be flexibly maintained in ERP software rather than deleting data and entering information into a spreadsheet. On the other, its functionalities allow to focus work in an agile way, a condition for survival in the current market environment.

Optimize the HR function . This tool can also help you organize your company's most valuable resources - people. For example, in hiring, an ERP can help hiring managers better understand their staffing needs so they can plan and invest accordingly , and thus find and attract the right people the first time. An investment in improved recruiting tools is an investment in people, culture, and the company as a whole. In addition, an ERP helps department and HR managers to gain visibility, not only to plan based on historical data, but also to continuously improve processes, which can reduce absenteeism or better understand the correlation between overtime and productivity to ensure that you get the most out of overtime pay. In terms of training and development, compliance, collaboration between areas or information update adds an extra value. Finally, we must consider the advantages of automation in this department. HR departments work best when handling exceptions and can automate tedious and repetitive tasks. Also, in many areas of HR, timing is everything. Automation supports the HR department's efforts to provide what employees and the organization need quickly and competently, further improving workflow and reducing human errors and delays.

In addition, ERP for SMEs improves decision-making, guaranteeing the availability of the necessary information. By having accurate data at the right time, you have the vision that guides the most successful decisions for the growth and sustainability of the business.

An ERP implementation can transform any organization into a more productive, streamlined, and profitable version of itself by streamlining and improving operations , communication, and business intelligence from warehouse to supply chain management or accounting.

Having a good tool is key when the company needs to implement, modify, assume other functionality, from the inclusion of a new office, or a different KPI. Also in cases where, given that you have more aggregated information that you did not have before, you want to delve into it or create a new report model. In the case of ERP Software Suite, for example, the customer with their own resources is able to cover most of these needs, also saving on their costs.

Does your system allow you to compare the sales figures and the income of different months? Do you have the ability to forecast future sales and financial needs of your company? It is time to start making effective decisions that adapt to the requirements of your business, the time has come to make a good technological choice. Did you know that 96% of high performance growth companies trust an ERP

The ERP software unifies your knowledge of the company providing a unique vision that brings together all the relevant information from different areas and operations. With a solution of this type, silos disappear and, with it, biased analyzes, poorly informed decisions and errors caused by lack of perspective.

Having a single vision of the truth brings the people in charge of the organization closer to the reality of the business, at the same time that it allows sharing this valuable knowledge with the people who work in the different departments. The immediate access to data reliable makes work easier and increases quality.

ERP tools to improve customer relationships

The sales and marketing areas have been working collaboratively for a long time. But this symbiosis within the organization that we see so logical should not be limited to these two departments, since operations integrate many more areas.

If this is taken into account, it is clear that a CRM is not enough. This system has its limitations, since it does not include information from production or accounting, among others. An ERP software , on the other hand, does provide all the important information of the company. It is relevant data that broadens the vision and improves the service that can be offered to the customer.

Increase profitability of operations with ERP software

An ERP system makes planning easy and reduces errors. In practice, this translates into better decisions and greater savings by eliminating data inconsistencies and optimizing business processes.

From the follow-up of the orders, to the knowledge of the SKUs in stock , everything helps when closing a sale and offering a quality service to the customer. In addition, thanks to ERP tools, you can also monitor the evolution of payments to find out if they arrive on time and know which customers are the most punctual when it comes to solving their debts.

Have support for business growth

In recent months we have seen that many companies have been digitized in an accelerated way, as the only solution to the new reality in which they find themselves. They have reached the cloud, they have prepared their staff to work remotely and, in some cases, they have even opened an e-commerce, which they lacked before the pandemic.

Necessary steps have been taken, but, in some cases, without the proper order and structure. And this does not benefit the business, because there are many aspects to manage. That is why the ERP System is presented as an integrated solution to gain visibility today and prepare for tomorrow and everything to come, thanks to its flexibility and scalability.

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Clients Speak

ERP Software Suite is a very good product, which in many respects provides much more than what can be expected from an erp system, with the quality and details that make it far superior to systems of the same nature ... It constitutes an important tool in the management of our administrative, financial, accounting and tax processes, as it contains a friendly graphic environment, a logical sequence of operations, the flexibility of a highly parameterizable system, which also allows easily adapt to changes in the normative order or to new ways of interpreting information.


With the implementation of the ERP Software Suite business management system, we have been able to experience agility in processes such as: efficiency in receipt, registration and payment of invoices, with their agile accounting and consultation; diversity of reports; reduction of times and optimization of resources; personalized attention and good advice.


When we decided to change our platform we looked at many options, finally deciding on ERP software Suite thanks to its support and its knowledge in software development, since we had specific processes that we had to model in the ERP software. (Enterprise Resource Planning)… Today, thanks to ERP Software Suite, we have more than doubled the logistics efficiency of our company, reducing our dispatch time for spare parts and products to less than a third of what it took before implementing it… I think that with this software both our internal and external clients are interconnected, being able to access critical information in real time and via the web for the daily operation of the company.

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